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DestroY MP3 Player v1.5a

Last version: v1.5a

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This product is discontinued and not supported anymore. Try the new DestroY MediaPlay. If you still have any doubts about DestroY MP3 Player don't doubt in asking.

DestroY MP3 Player v1.5a


DestroY MP3 Player is a freeware MP3 player for Windows. It doesn't use much resources
as big players. It features all you can ask for in a MP3 Player!!!


* MP3 Player engine
* Drag & Drop Playlist with lots of functions
* Search your hard drive for MP3's
* Playlist internal search
* Editable ID3v1 tags
* Full skins support
* Minibrowser
* Mini MP3 player
* Right click menu with several features
* Minimize to tray or taskbar
* Ability to control it from the systray
* Wave Volume control slider bar
* MP3 progress bar
* MP3 file information
* Choose to have it always on top or not
* Snap to edges function
* Mixer controls
* Full install and unistall support
* and much more!!!
* Best of all.. IT's FREE!!!!


* Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
* Sound card
* MP3 files!! (not included)
* Recommended: Internet connection for minibrowser
* Recommended: Printer for minibrowser


New in v1.5a:

* New volume control slider now affects the Wave Volume instead of the Master Volume and loads
the actual one on program load.
* Bugfix: DestroY MP3 Player won't close anymore when pressing the ESC key.

New in v1.4b:

* New Green Force skin added.
* Bugfix: The playlist will now save in the aproppiate file format.

New in v1.4a:

* DestroY MP3 Player is now skin-able! Change skins during runtime! Default and Blue Touch
skins included.
* Right click menu with MP3 controls, Previous/Next list controls and more features.
* Ability to control DestroY MP3 Player from the systray.
* Search your hard drive automatically for MP3 files.
* Bugfix: The player wasn't playing sound until pressing Play, Next or other buttons a few times
on some sistems.

New in v1.3b:

* The Playlist On/Off and Paths/Name options will be now saved in the INI file instead of in
registry variables. Bugfixes achived by this update and some minor changes more:
- The Playlist won't appear if you left the playlist Off in the last execution.
- The playlist won't appear when coming back from Minibrowser, Options or About if it was
- If pressing Playlist On while on the Options menu the playlist will appear instead of the
options again.
- The Paths/Name button won't disappear if you choose Paths in your last execution anymore.
- The Paths/Name button won't be inverted anymore..
- The Playlist On/Off button won't display "Playlist Off" while on the Options menu anymore.

New in v1.3a:

* Added options menu with new features. The chosen options will be saved in an INI file
automatically so you don't need to re-config each time you open the player.
* Ability to minimize to tray or taskbar.
* New snap to edges function/option.
* New always on top option.
* New Mini MP3 Player.
* Mixer controls.
* Full install and unistall support.
* New icon.

New in v1.2a:

* Added a slider to control the volume.
* Bugfix: The program won't show a white rectangle on the right after comming back from the
Minibrowser and won't "cut" the Thinger and the Playlist when comming back from the About.
This bug was found on people that never used the Playlist On/Off button.

New in v1.1b:

* Bugfix: Fixed the bug that made the program go slowly when comming back for the Minibrowser
and the About and deleted the actual playlist.
* Bugfix: Fixed the bug that passed on to the next song on the playlist after editing the
Song Info.
* Little design bugfixes.

New in v1.1a:

* New playlist with editor on main window, list search and lots of new functions.
* Editable ID3Tag v1 (Song Info)
* New "check for updates" method in the Minibrowser
* Progress bar to show how much % of the song was played.
* Now when typing a URL on the Minibrowser the Enter key does the same as the Go! button.

New in v1.0a:

* First release

Known issues:

* Some users reported problems on Windows XP. Altough DestroY MP3 Player should work fine on
Windows XP if you have problems select compatibility mode "Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)".


This software is freeware and you can feel free to distiribute it and use it without any charges.

DestroY MP3 Player
by DestroY

Send me your comments about the program and report any bugs you find. E-mail me if you have
any doubts.

Enjoy it! :)

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