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DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker v1.1

Last version: v1.1

Download DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker v1.1:

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This product is discontinued and not supported anymore. Try the new DestroY F1 Tweaker 2. If you still have any doubts about DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker don't doubt in asking.

DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker v1.1


DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker is a tool for EA Sports' F1 2002. With DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker you can
configure several options not included in the stock game and it allows to change and restore
HDV car performance files.


* Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP
* EA Sports' F1 2002 by ISI (PC-CD)
* 1 mb free space on hard drive


New in v1.1:

* Ability to exchange HDV's with Safety/Medical Cars and Driving School Arrows and Minardi.
* Ability to run F1 2002 or Ralph Hummerich 2002 through DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker.
* Ability to put on or off the program intro splash screen.
* DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker will now set the F1 2002 folder where you pick the file from as default directory.
* The intro screen will now be centered when program starts.

New in v1.0:

* First release

Known issues:

* Run F1 2002/RH 2002 feature won't work unless DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker is installed in F1 2002's
root directory.
* Some of the features of DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker might not work 100% properly in-game. Thats an
issue in the game and not an issue in DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker.
* Manual editing of the PLR file and manual moving/renameing of the HDV files might make some
features of DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker stop working.


This software is freeware and you can feel free to distiribute it and use it without any charges.

DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker is in no way affiliated with EA Sports or Image Space Incorporated.
EA, EA Sports and Image Space Incorporated are trademarks of their respective owners.

DestroY F1 2002 Tweaker
by DestroY

Send me your comments about the program and report any bugs you find. E-mail me if you have
any doubts.

Enjoy it! :)

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